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Master Thesis

Concise summary of my master thesis

View Ziervogel, A. (2013). Looking into the unknown corners of visual perception: A study towards the compensation for secondary illumination in virtual three dimensional scenes. (click to enlarge)

Just added a presentaion held during an application procedure in Jena. It does concisely summarize my master thesis and later follow-up studies. A huge part of the material described originates from:

Bloj, M. G., Kersten, D. & Hurlbert, A. C. (1999). Perception of three-dimensional shape influences colour perception through mutual illumination. Nature, 402 (6764), 877-879.

Doerschner, K., Boyaci, H. & Maloney, L. T. (2004). Human observers compensate for secondary illumination originating in nearby chromatic surfaces. Journal of Vision, 4 (2), 92-105.

Delahunt, P. B. & Brainard, D. H. (2004). Color constancy under changes in reflected illumination. Journal of Vision, 4 (9), 764-778.

Please consider reading the original articles.

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