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Migrating to Drupal

I'll be migrating to Drupal. This might take a while. Some content from my previous site will be available through the menu items mentioned above. Read More

Concise summary of my master thesis

View Ziervogel, A. (2013). Looking into the unknown corners of visual perception: A study towards the compensation for secondary illumination in virtual three dimensional scenes. (Fullscreen presentation)

Just added a presentaion held during an application procedure in Jena. It does concisely summarize my master thesis and later follow-up studies. A huge part of the material described originates from:

Bloj, M. G., Kersten, D. & Hurlbert, A. C. (1999). Perception of three-dimensional shape influences colour perception through mutual illumination. Nature, 402 (6764), 877-879.

Doerschner, K., Boyaci, H. & Maloney, L. T. (2004). Human observers compensate for secondary illumination originating in nearby chromatic surfaces. Journal of Vision, 4 (2), 92-105.

Delahunt, P. B. & Brainard, D. H. (2004). Color constancy under changes in reflected illumination. Journal of Vision, 4 (9), 764-778.

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